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Please note: this blog is not updated. Most posts are auto uploaded. You have been warned.

Please note: this blog is not updated. Most posts are auto uploaded. You have been warned.

Register now for the  2019 Hungry Bear 100 via:


Hungry Bear is coming up fast! 

May 11th 2019

Registration closes May 5th
Thanks to our great sponsor TwinSix, we have two new colors to offer this year!  Shirts are available for pre-purchase through BikeReg when you sign up!  Now, the choice is only whether to go with Purple Rush or Heavy Metal.

Announcing the 2019 Hungry Bear 100, the true wilderness gravel event around the Chequamegon National Forest.

The 2019 Hungry Bear 100 is presented by Terrene Tires, and supported by TwinSix.  We owe them tremendous thanks for backing our events, and bearing the cost of putting them on so that we can continue to accomplish our goals.

We are also happy to continue with our partnership with Tilly's Pies - a new pie shop right next to River's Eatery, from the owners of River's Eatery.  Just like last year, every racer finishes with a slice of pie!

We have a great course in store for you this year, and below is all the info you could ever want about race day!

Who: You and, and up to 200 other gravel riders

What: 60 or 100 miles of gravel in Bayfield County

When: Saturday May 11th, 201910:00 am start for the 100 mile, 10:10 am start for the 60 mile

Where: Cable, WI

Why: To do a true wilderness gravel race, away from it all, and being self-reliant

Rules: Signing of a liability release waiver will be required for you to take the start. Our events are self-supported. Do not count on any aid stations on the course, bring enough food and water for the entire event, and be prepared to be in the woods as weather and course condition change. You are responsible for you! Cue sheets will be provided, but the course is open to cars and other users, and is not marked. You will get your cue sheet in trade for your signed waiver. Equipment must be a bicycle with two wheels, and only human power. CPSC approved helmets are required.

Before the Race - 

  1. Cue cards will be emailed out to all registered racers 1 week prior to the event (after final course recon Sunday May 5th) - so you are free to print them how you like.
  2. Cue cards will be available at registration - and they will be a minimum of 12pt font this year so they are more easily read on the bike
  3. Maps will be available this year - although they will still not be of the quality needed for navigation, its not possible to fit the entire course on a sheet of paper and make it able to be used for navigation.  It will however have numbered points on the map that correspond to directions on the cue cards.  
  4. With the constant trouble of GPS compatibility - we will issue .gpx and .crs files, but we do not guarantee them to work with your device, and we do not provide any support in being able to make it work with your device.  

The course will be largely the same as last year, but as many of the roads destroyed in 2016 begin to re-open, we will be reintroducing them to the course. The attached map shows the general idea of the course, but is not guaranteed to be the exact course, it can always change. 


Will there be any water on the course? The Hungry Bear 100 is a self-supported event, and we recommend that you start the race with all the food, water and equipment that you will need to complete the event. THIS YEARS COURSE DOES NOT PASS ANY PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS.

What are the starting times? Registration starts at 8am, the Hungry Bear 100 starts at 10am, and the 60 rolls out at 10:10am. Both races have a gentle roll out of town heading north out of Cable.

How do I get my number plate and cue sheet? Starting at 8am on Saturday morning, you can find us in front of Tilly's Pies in downtown Cable, under the Terrene Tires tent, where you can sign the waiver and receive your number plate and cue sheets. There is no registration Friday night.

Timing: White River Sports Timing is with us again this year for real-time RFID based timing, and fast, accurate results. 

Will there be GPS and Cue sheets? Yes.  Please read above- we are making significant improvements to our cue sheets, and we will offer GPS files, but we do not offer any support for compatibility issues.  

What does the 60 mile course look like? The 60 mile course will start and end in the same place as the 100 course, in downtown Cable. 

What else should I know? The Hungry Bear is run on entirely open, public roads. There can and will be cars and other road users out there, and you must be aware of this at all times.  Wearing a CPSC approved helmet, and following all road laws is required. The course crosses major highways 4 times, and great care should be taken when crossing. If you attempt to run a stop sign for a highway crossing - we heard a rumor that Jim may just tackle you.  

What should I do after the race? Enjoy a slice of pie at Tilly's Pies  - every racer gets a free slice of pie with their entry!  

Parking: There is very limited parking in downtown Cable, so you are asked to please park in the parking lot of the old Cable school.  Do not leave your car parked on a street spot during the event.  

Signup is open, and we are using the very simple system this year.  So just follow this link, and sign up now!  Be aware, signup will close on 4/30, there will be no race-day signup, and no changes or additions after 4/30.

See you out there!

Tim & Odia

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