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Milan-San Remo 1975 via: @roadworksbicyclerepairs

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Eastwood Ski Trail

I don't XC ski much, but I do know that this is one of the better places to ski in winter, especially because of the lights, so you can ski after dark (4pm in the middle of winter). So if no one mows - there will be no trail through the woods. That's really a shame. Hopefully someone with the right equipment will step up and take over for Dave. Also thanks for doing this in the past Dave, even though I don't use it, I appreciate the work you have done.
For the past years I have taken my own riding mower over to Eastwood and mowed the ski trail through the woods. Like other areas I mowed almost weekly in the spring and then not so frequently later in the summer. My mower is breaking down and so am so I'm giving up mowing the trail. Without mowing it will become overgrown with weeds and thistles and be unusable for skiing next winter. Last fall we met with Park and Rec to see if they would take over mowing the trail and they declined and we left with meeting with the understanding that the trail would be abandoned. That decision could be reversed if someone else would volunteer to mow the trail. Last year the forestry service removed a lot of the dead elms and buck thorn and the trail was widened and much more suitable for skate skiing. It's a nice trail and it would be a loss if no one takes over summer mowing.
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Gamehaven MTB Trail Condition, 2017

Much of Gamehaven is very wet. Trails are closed until further notice.
If we get freezing overnight temps the trail maybe rideable very early (sunrise) for a 1.5 hrs. Or less.

Please do not damage the trail. Check out the local Gravel!

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