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American Bicyclist News: number of pedestrians and bicyclists killed reaches 25-year high and what we're doing about it

Updates on our progress towards creating a more Bicycle Friendly America. 
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The League of American Bicyclists is pleased to announce that U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao will once again speak at the National Bike Summit. Secretary Chao will discuss issues of interest to bike advocates, including improving infrastructure and ensuring the safe integration of automated vehicles in to America’s surface transportation system. This is Secretary Chao’s second cabinet-level position. In 2001, she became the first Asian Pacific American woman in U.S. history to be appointed to a President’s Cabinet when she was sworn-in as the U.S. Secretary of Labor.
Nearly 300 of your fellow bike advocates have already registered for the 2019 National Bike Summit. Attendees will hear from federal leaders like Secretary Chao, local leaders such as Deputy Mayor and City Administrator Dr. Kanika Tomalin of St. Petersburg, Fla., and County Board Chairman Christian Dorsey of Arlington, Va., while learning from grassroots advocates working towards a more Bicycle Friendly America. 
Register Today
In our 2018 Benchmarking Report on bicycling and Walking in the United States, data shows bicyclist and pedestrians deaths reached a 25-year high in 2016. Cyclist and pedestrian deaths are an acute public health crisis. At the same time, the cost of physical inactivity is a public health crisis in slow motion. Urgency at the federal and state level is required to address both by making biking (and walking) safer and more common. It's local advocates and future-forward city leaders making the most progress. Read more about the 2018 Benchmarking Report and our findings.
To address the urgency of cyclist and pedestrian deaths, the chronic diseases preventable with more physical activity, and to lower carbon emissions requires a bold vision: one that embraces bicycling and walking. 

In our Bike New Deal, we lay out five policy principles that would position the United States as a leader on vehicle and road safety, create a connected interstate system for bicycles, build locally connected bike networks, prioritize bicycle education at a young age, and promote biking and walking as transportation. 

Learn more about our proposed Bike New Deal.
The connections between federal funding and state-level projects for biking and walking can be complex, as detailed in the 2018 Benchmarking Report. Our webinars ahead of the 2019 National Bike Summit will help break down the processes and possibilities!
At #BikeSummit19 Lobby Day, you can be a voice for making biking better. Take part in these upcoming webinars to train for an epic Hill climb--to the top of Capitol Hill. 
  • The Logistics of Lobbying: how to prepare for a meeting that wins more support for bike infrastructure (*new date* Feb. 27, 8pm ET) 
  • The "Asks" for Bicycling in 2019: insights about what we can accomplish for bicycling in 2019 and how advocates can get us there (March 4, 8pm ET)
With 50 communities applying for Bicycle Friendly Community status this round, League members in applicant areas can expect to see surveys in their inboxes soon about how those cities or counties are doing. Not a League member? Consider joining and be one of the first to hear when your hometown applies to our programs--then have your say! 
DEADLINE: Bicycle Friendly Business applications for Spring 2019 are due tomorrow. Get in those applications by midnight (in Honolulu) on Wednesday, February 20th!  
Apply now for upcoming rounds: 

» Bicycle Friendly Business: Feb. 20
» Bicycle Friendly Community: Aug. 8
» Bicycle Friendly University: Aug. 22
Data in the 2018 Benchmarking Report shows today's young people aren't biking like we used to. League Cycling Instructors across the country teach biking skills to youth and adults, helping grow our community and reverse trends like these.
Upcoming LCI certification seminars:​​​​
» March 29-31, San Francisco, CA. Registration closes 3/9.
» April 12-14, Cleveland, OH. Registration closes 3/22.
» May 3-5, Santa Fe, NM. Registration closes 4/13.

See the full list of upcoming LCI seminars to become a bicycling educator and or learn how to host a Certification Seminar in your area if one isn't on the schedule.
A major finding of the 2018 Benchmarking Report is that state departments of transportation should be doing more to create connected, collaborative communities that encourage cycling. At the state level, our Member clubs are leading and organizing to advocate for bike master plans and implementing them better. 

Attend an upcoming state summit led by local advocates to get more involved in enacting statewide change: 
» Want your state summit on this list? Reply to this email with details!
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Club leaders! We need your help to expand Amtrak's roll-on service!

Get on board!
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Dear Northeast Bike Club Leader:

A favorite ride of mine is a leisurely paced roll from Washington, DC, through the lesser seen backroads of Maryland, all the way to Baltimore. What would be a very long day in the saddle to loop around and ride home is cured by an easy train ride (and cold beer) aboard the Amtrak from Baltimore. 

We need your help. Together, we can make more bike excursions by train possible in our area. Adventure Cycling Association and the Amtrak Bike Task Force have been leading the campaign to increase and improve bicycle access on Amtrak trains, and have had several wins over the last few years, including bike service on the Vermonter and Capitol Limited lines.

Sign your organization onto our letter of support

Your club organization can help expand bicycle services across Amtrak's network by signing onto our letter of support. Join us in asking Amtrak and state departments of transportation to ensure the next generation of Amtrak train cars include bike accommodations.

Amtrak is collecting design proposals for new train cars to replace the existing Amfleet trains on the Northeast Corridor and connected state service. Bike storage on those train cars is one of several price points Amtrak is asking companies to include in their bids. The current train cars were mostly built in the '70s and '80s, so their replacements could be with us for a generation.

Your state Department of Transportation (DOT) is part of the State-Amtrak Intercity Passenger Rail Committee (SAIPRC) who will decide which amenities the new train cars will have.

Once bids are entered in mid-March, Amtrak and State DOTs will decide not only which company to choose, but which amenities these new cars should have. This is your opportunity to let Amtrak and State DOTs know that adding bike storage will help their bottom line and build support for future investment in Amtrak. 

Read the letter and add your club or organization here!

Enjoy the Ride!
Bill Nesper
League of American Bicyclists
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Snowpocalypse Course Map via: Rochester MN MTB – Google Group

Does anyone know what the course may look like this year? I cannot seem to find any GPS tracks from past years. I am sure it is dependent on the conditions. All this snow and temps in the mid teens ....should be good!! Any info would be helpful. Thanks, -Pete

from Rochester MN MTB

Experience the bike movement at the National Bike Summit

Movies, happy hours & more at #BikeSummit19
Join more than 300 bike advocates at #BikeSummit19

What you will learn at the 2019 National Bike Summit: 

How bicycling supports our physical and mental health by Robin Mazumdar, and why we must enable others to benefit as much as we do. The bold visions for biking mega-projects like the Great American Rail-Trail and the U.S. Bicycle Route System and how they can reshape the way Americans think about "road trips". How to make biking more accessible for people with disabilities. Why bike advocates must lead on ending distracted driving. How to effectively lobby at the federal and local levels to make biking better.

What you will experience

Happy hours presented by New Belgium Brewery. Bike-based mobile workshops exploring Arlington, VA, a Bicycle Friendly Community and local Bicycle Friendly Businesses. Influencing lawmakers and their staff on bike-related legislation. Community building with other advocates and leaders. The enthusiasm of our exhibiting sponsors and pop-up shop business owners. A documentary double-feature of "Why We Cycle" and "Motherload".
See "MOTHERLOAD" at #BikeSummit19 and hear from filmmakers of the crowdsourced documentary. 
Watch the trailer.
Register Now
Explore the agenda for the 2019 National Bike Summit and register soon to secure space in our popular, limited-availability mobile workshops! The National Bike Summit is the largest gathering of bike advocates in the country because it's a place to learn, grow, and connect. 
League members get exclusive pricing on the Summit. Renew or check your membership status on our website.
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