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filatura l'anello grande is the personal blog of Gunnar Soroos. It covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to: cycling, craft beer and homebrewing. Its mission to positively promote the healthy lifestyle of cycling and the craft beer culture.

Video shows

Anello Grande has a youTube channel with videos of craft beer reviews, cycling product reviews, and a video blog (vlog).

Occasional livestreaming on Periscope.

I host & co-host two livestreaming shows with Jonah DiPasquale (@JonahDiPasquale).

Craft Beer Blab streams live on the first Tuesday night of the month – is a discussion about craft beer with reviews and news. #CraftBeerBlab

Bike Chat streams live, weekly Thursday nights and aims to discuss and educate everyone about cycling as an activity and sport. #BikeChat

You can watch replays and subscribe to future scheduled shows on


Interested in advertising on this blog or any of my video streams? I offer reasonable rates as well as discounts for long-term advertisers. I'm not looking to get rich from this, but if I can get some cash to offset racing fees, beers and the various things that seem to wear out or break from riding, then I can justify posting even more stuff here.

Advertising on this blog can help you reach a wide audience of people with interests in cycling, craft beer and homebrewing across the United States.

Please email for detailed stats on this blogs audience and rates.

News and press releases

If you have news, race announcements or press releases that you want shared to the audience of this blog please email to Most items will be posted on the same day.

I may choose to refuse posting for any reason, but as long as it is related to cycling or beer, I think it will go up.

Product reviews

Occasionally, product reviews will be posted. Many of the items reviewed I purchase on my own. Some are samples or are provided to me on loan to review.

If you would like an honest review of your products, just send them to me. If you would like to send me products for review please email for information on where to send them.

Product giveaways

You can generate interest in your product by supplying me with samples and/or promotional items to giveaway. Just email and we can come up with ideas and work out some details.

Other collaborations

I'm open to discussing partnerships, beer trades, group rides and attending beer tasting events. Drop me a line at and we can shoot the breeze. Don't get upset if it takes me a couple days or more for me to respond. I have a job, a family and like to ride my bike as well as post random stuff on this blog, twitter and instagram. That leaves little time to reply to emails. But I will get back to you. I promise.

Dead links

While I occasionally go back and try to fix dead links in this blog, I cannot catch them all. There will be links that go to sites that are no longer active, been taken over by another business or person, or redirected to something else. If you come across one that leads to any type of malicious site (malware, porn, etc.) please contact me and I will fix it. Some dead links will remain as they are because they are a snapshot of what was going on at the time.

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