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Next Race! The Cuyuna Lakes Crusher!  - Only 2 Races Left! – #MNMTB

Registration for Race #10 Cuyuna Lakes Crusher
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Cuyuna Crusher!
Race #10 August 20th

Shred The Red!

"MAKE A WEEKEND OF IT" in the Cuyuna Lakes!

The race at Cuyuna has been one of the series most popular races. "Shred the Red" is a phrase you will hear all over MN and WI as people talk about the fantastic trails and miles of singletrack that are considered one of the nations most successful MTB destination projects.  The best part of it is that the community is 100% behind the trails and riders. See the series webpage for information on lodging, camping, parking and more.

Pre Riding : You can pre-ride the courses any time this week by following the instructions and downloadable course maps on our website.  Each course has detailed turn by turn instructions with a downloadable map of the strava segment for the race.  The course will be fully marked only on Sunday AM. 

There is a limited amount of regular parking at the trailhead.  We have overflow parking with a shuttle at the corner of Irene Ave and Hermatite St. next to Morningside Park. The shuttle will run from 8:00am to 1:00pm.  See the site for more details

Schedule of Events

Saturday, August 19, 2017 – Cuyuna Lakes Crusher Happy Hour!

  • Located between Cuyuna Brewing and The Spalding House on Main Street in Crosby.
  • Come up early for registration and racer bag pickup from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. There will be live music by Avery & Duncan Trio. For more info about the band visit them on Facebook:
  • Food provided by Maucieri’s Bistro on Wheels throughout the evening.
  • Cuyuna Crusher Happy Hour Special! Buy a Cuyuna Crusher Mason glass for $10 and get your first beer pour for FREE!
  • Event Merchandise Sales (T-Shirts, socks, and commemorative glasses)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

  • MN Mountain Bike Series Race Program - Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area - Mahnomen Unit 
  • The real "Red Dirt Church", optional - Singing, Scripture and morning devotional at the Pennington trail head beach @ 8:30 a.m. sponsored by Lifespring and Crosby Assembly of God church’s




Course Maps - Click Here

Kids Comp  - 1 Lap
(Course Map on Site)
Citizen - 1 Lap
(Course Map on Site)
Sport - 2 Laps
Comp - 3 Laps
Elite Women - 3 Laps
Elite - 4 Laps
Marathon - All you can eat


Online Registration Ends at 8:00pm on Thursday Aug 17th.
Race Day Registration Opens at 8:00am


401 Manufacturing Interview with Mike Anderson:  Sponsor & Racer!


401 Manufacturing has been the MNMBS Title Sponsor for the past four years. We recently caught up with 401 Manufacturing owner, Mike Anderson, to see what’s been happening with his company.


You’ve sponsored the Series for several years now.  Has 401 Manufacturing grown during this period?


We have moved into a larger building in Anoka MN.  Our headcount has increased from 11 employees to 18, so we’re steadily growing which is great. 


401 Manufacturing has done some work for Wolftooth Components, too, right?


Yes, but we also do a lot of work for the agriculture industry, medical, and exercise industries as well. And yes, we get to work on cool parts for Wolftooth. I heard that Wolftooth sales are up by 30%.


You've mentioned that one of the reasons you like sponsoring the Series is you'd like to have high school age kids learn more about becoming a machinist.  How might this happen?


Not every high school student wants or needs to go to college.  And a lot of students pile up student debt while they figure out different majors, and than maybe end up doing something completely different anyway.  So I think our youth need to have a better understanding about today’s machining industry.  It’s not the dirty job it was many years ago.   These days, you work on CNC machines that are programmed on Cad systems, so there’s a lot of technology background involved and you get to see and hold something you’ve produced.


How about advancement, or the prospects for starting to work fairly soon after technical training?


Yes, students have the ability to move up the employment ladder very easy with some training and hard work.  And there are a few hundred job openings at any given time in MN so there’s an excellent chance they can start working fulltime pretty soon. 


So it’s a matter of making students aware that the machining industry is a potential choice, maybe early in high school or maybe even middle schools?


Right, this awareness of the potential for a fairly well paying machinist position is getting better every year, but still at a very slow place as schools seem to focus on college selection more.  We feel it’s going to have to happen in the high schools, and to have the individual companies like 401 working directly with the high schools.  And someday even middle schools. 


Ok, back to the Series for a minute.  You’re a regular in the MNMBS, competing in the Comp class.  You were a top motocrosser back in the day, too, right?  What is it about our Series that you like?


The people. Racers work so hard to get where they are competitive.  It’s a sport that requires not only bike handling skills, but conditioning.  And I also like everyone in the bike industry, from people making parts, bike shop mechanics, bike shop owners, racers, riders and everyone in between.  It’s a culture you don't see in many areas where people are easy going and friendly, but competitive out on the course.  MN has one of the best Series going, I think. 


Ok, thanks Mike and see you out in the Comp field!  And thanks again for sponsoring the MNMBS at the Title Sponsor level.  Racers, be sure to stop and thank Mike sometime for his support of our Series.


Visit 401 Manufacturing's website

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