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milKit: Tubeless made easy - no more flat tires on IndieGoGo

When I first seen this system, I thought to myself – What the heck. We're talking about bicycles here. If my tire goes flat because of lack of sealant or the sealant is dried up, I can just throw in a tube. Or if I'm in my shop and checking my tires of it's sealant, I'll just pull the tire. If I don't want to do that, I'll just top up with a half amount in a syringe.

But in looking at the video, it actually looks pretty slick. And it takes the guesswork as to how much to top up your sealant.

They are in the process of running an IndieGoGo campaign if you're interested in supporting them. While I'm not completely sold on the idea, I'm leaning to that it's a smart product.

Right now they are featuring a $39 perk that includes a full set of 2 milKit valves and a refilling/measuring syringe.  That would be 20% off their "normal" price.

So what do you think about this system? Worth it? Amazing? Overkill? Let's discuss in the comments below.

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