Welcome, fall: A guide to taking in the beauty in Minnesota via:Google Alert - Minnesota mountain bike

For fall color updates, go to dnr.state.mn.us or exploreminnesota.com. ... discounted season tickets (including access to a dozen Rocky Mountain ski ... Sponsored by the Bike Alliance of Minnesota, the four loops begin at Land of ...

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Do you think you’re fast? - Repost from @thefilthy50 using @RepostRegramApp - THE FASTEST 50 Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. Would things have been different had he been riding a bike? We will never know… He has since been immortalized on the US currency known as “The Fifty Cent Piece”. We’ve got 50 of these beauties that have been meticulously prepared for the fastest 50 at this year’s Filthy. Want one? Ride fast. #fastest50 #thefilthy50 #ridinggravel #gravelgrinder #mngravel #mnmtb #athlete #cycling #bike #cyclist #cyclistlife #dailypic #fitness #instagood #instabike

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The Family Kicker Ramp - Building and Riding via: Seth's Bike Hacks on YouTube

Seth's Bike Hacks Published on Sep 20, 2017 Today we build a family-friendly kicker ramp for bicycles, skateboards, and scooters. The family ramp is fun for all ages, easy to move, and still capable of some serious boost! Because the curve does involve a little trial and error, I'm leaving rough measurements and materials below. Have fun, and improvise to make your ramp even better than mine. MATERIALS 1 4x8 sheet of plywood 23/32 4 2x3's 1 5/8 drywall screws OPTIONAL MATERIALS Sheet metal Casters Finishing washers MANDATORY TOOLS Drill Jigsaw OPTIONAL TOOLS Circular saw or Mitre Saw Sander Metal cutting blades for jigsaw DIRECTIONS Trace the shape of your ramp on the plywood. Mine was 6 feet long and 1 foot high, with the main transition being 4 feet and the back slope at 2. Use the first cut to trace the second, and make sure to use as little of the plywood as possible. If you do it tightly and neatly, you can get a 28" wide surface out of the rest of it. Cut your beams 1 inch shorter than the surface. I my case the beams were 27" since the surface was 28". Cut as many beams as you can out of the 2x3's, and use them to frame out the ramp. Use two on the bottom and the rest on the transition. Use two drywall screws per beam. Soak the plywood water, or keep it wet for 2 hours. Lay it flat on the ramp, fasten one end with 4 screws, and work your way up the ramp beam by beam. Bend it slowly and use patience, spraying it down if need be. Going too fast or using too tight of a curve will cause the wood to break. Cut a piece of sheet metal as wide as the ramp, take off the sharp edges with a file or grinder, and screw it into the bottom of the ramp using the finishing washers. If you are only riding this with bicycles then this may not be necessary, however it does protect the bottom of the ramp. The easiest way to add casters to the ramp is to screw 3 of them into the side in a triangle configuration. By tilting the ramp on to the casters, you can wheel it around. Optionally, you can add a handle or cutout to make this easier. Thanks to my sponsors for helping make this video possible Box Components Diamondback Bicycles Slime Sealant And thanks to additional contributors Ryobi Tools http://ryobitools.com/nation #RYOBINationRocks Park Tool Company Show Notes

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Training log: Lunch Ride from #Strava

Ride: Distance: 19.3mi, Elevation Gain: 856ft, Moving Time: 00:57:59, Average Speed: 19.9mi/h, Estimated Avg Power: 235.9 (no power meter)

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Strava cycling training activity. SportTracks. Gunnar Soroos's Strava activities. Lunch Ride, September 20, 2017 at 12:48PM. Training. #stravistix.

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IMBA launches national grant campaign for chapters

Contact Aimee Ross
IMBA Director of Brand Development
aimee [dot] ross [at] imba [dot] com


Katherine Fuller
IMBA Director of Marketing & Communications
katherine [dot] fuller [at] imba [dot] com

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