Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Arrowhead 135 2015 finish via:Russ Loucks on YouTube

Sometimes you can't make it on your own. Rollers zone2 intervals. from #Strava

Ride: Distance: 19.8mi, Elevation Gain: 0ft, Moving Time: 00:50:35, Average Speed: 23.5mi/h

I was trying a zone2 interval workout, where after a quick warm-up of 3x :30 at 110rpm, :30 off, I would do 1x 5:00, 2x 4:00, 3x 3:00 and 4x 2:00 at 90rpm (Big Ring X 13t adjust to keep heart rate in zone2). Then I finished up with 3x :30 at +120rpm (Big Ring X 17t) to get the heart rate into zone4, and :30 off, and finally easy spin for 1:30. It didn't go as planned (as shown in the chart). I use Seconds Pro timer on my iPhone, which is great. But I forgot that if you turn the screen off, you don't get the audio alerts from the timer. My 2x 4:00 was pretty much combined into a 1x9:00. So I certainly won't be using it for outdoor cycling workouts. Then I had to stop riding and go upstairs for a little bit too, I think that was around the 3x 3:00. I'll have to try to do this workout again, I'm sure it's a good one, just need to be able to complete it properly.

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Strava cycling training activity. Rollers Ride

Monday, January 26, 2015

01/26/2015 Rochester, MN from #Strava

Ride (Rochester, MN): Distance: 13.6mi, Elevation Gain: 430ft, Moving Time: 00:57:39, Average Speed: 14.2mi/h

Path to pave to gravel to Co1 and back. Hope all the racers in Arrowhead 135 are doing well!

2015 KOM on Mini gravel sector 1 (6:01)
2015 KOM on South Bear Creek (5:18)

You can tell from the charts that this workout was more of a sweetspot (zone3) and subthreshold (zone4) ride. In fact if you combined the two zones together, they accounted for 65% of my time. I'm not sure that I should do this type of ride too much this early in the year. I guess I shouldn't worry too much as I haven't gotten much in the way of LSD (Long Slow Distance) this year. Most of my rides have been about an hour or less. When I do start on some longer rides, I'll need to keep in zone2 for a couple weeks.

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Strava cycling training activity.

A little bit of gravel, a little bit of snow and a little bit of pavement, on this great #ride. #RochMN

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What I see when out for a ride.

How to follow the Arrowhead 135

Arrowhead 135
Today racers started the Arrowhead 135. It's one of those challenges that I have no plans on attempting. Seriously. Typical temps on race day is well below zero. This year it's a very doable 26 at the moment. Pretty much a heat wave.

There are a small handful of local riders, plus a number of greater Minnesota rider that I recognize. The race also attracts riders from all over the country.

Just because I don't ever plan on doing it, doesn't mean I don't like to keep up with how the race is going. If you're like me and want to keep up with the throwdown that's happening up-dare, just check these links:

If anyone knows of any other links, please leave them in a comment below. Godspeed and best of luck to all the athletes competing in this event.
Arrowhead 135 2015 Minnesota #MNMTB Fat Bike Snow Bike The Arrowhead 135 is recognized in the book "The World's Toughest Endurance Challenges" by Richard Hoad and Paul Moore as one of the 50 toughest races in the world. It is a human powered Ultra Marathon taking place in the coldest part of winter in the coldest city in the lower 48 states. Our average finish rate is less than 50%, the finish rate for new racers is much lower. 2014 finish rate was 35%. 135 miles Deep Winter across Northern Minnesota on rugged, scenic Arrowhead State Snowmobile Trail from Frostbite I-Falls to Tower, MN Fortune Bay Casino. Pick mode of transport at start: bicycle, ski or foot. This is our 11th year, beginning with 10 entrants in 2005 to ~150 starters 2014, featuring some of the best winter ultra-athletes in the world. Historically coldest gosh darn race anyplace even the Arctic, check average temps, virtually every year luck has us -30 to -40C/F, we have frostbite to prove it. Or it snows and is a sloppy mess! Arrowhead 135 is an organization of local folks dedicated to the promotion of human powered ultra-endurance events across beautiful Arrowhead Region of Northern Minnesota. Our Race Mission is fostering national and international amateur endurance sports such as winter-biking, skiing and trail running. Goal of organization is to offer, fun, educational, yet challenging ultra-endurance event in extreme trail and weather conditions for economic and health benefit of communities in Northern Minnesota. Race has costs for permits, insurance, T-shirts, awards, operational costs, etc. but we are hoping to minimize entry fees and break even. Any Profits go to fine Special Operations Warrior Foundation Charity, providing college scholarships to children of US Spec Ops Soldiers killed and wounded, Minnesota Safe Families providing short-term respite to children in need, and the Falls Food Shelf. We also contribute to several snowmobile clubs along Arrowhead Trail. Ken and Jackie Krueger Race Directors Email: Info@ArrowheadUltra.com

Monday Motivation: Fog – via:r/GravelGrinder on Reddit


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Sunday, January 25, 2015

#Strava Run: Afternoon Run

Run (Rochester, MN): Distance: 7.9km, Elevation Gain: 66m, Moving Time: 00:43:23, Average Speed: 11.0km/h

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Strava running training activity.

Wakeley aims to endure Minn. via:Google Alert - Minnesota mountain bike

The Grayling canoe marathoner turned mountain bike racer is entered in Monday's Arrowhead 135, a marathon race in International Falls, Minn.

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