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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Swobo Introduces the Scofflaw Steel Cyclocross Bike – Interbike 2014 via:Cyclocross Magazine - Cyclocross News, Races, Bikes, Photos, Videos » gravel via:r/GravelGrinder

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Ride: Just a quick lunchtime spin on the Paragon.

Ride (Rochester, MN): Distance: 10.3mi, Elevation Gain: 315ft, Moving Time: 00:40:07, Average Speed: 15.4mi/h

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Strava cycling training activity. Rochester Mayo Park Paragon

The Week in Cross This Week: Episode 6 via:CXHairs on YouTube

Surly Brewing featured on Travel Channel web series "Microbrew Madness" #MNBeer

In case it's not embedded you can follow this link.

Not sure why they chose the title "Microbrew Madness" when I think "Craft Beer Madness" would have been more accurate and accepted by the public. But that's not a huge deal.

Of course once you watch you should vote for your favorite brewery (Surly) in their poll.

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MINNESOTA'S SURLY BREWING Microbrew Madness: It may be called Surly, but everyone is friendly at this Minneapolis brewpub. The market for craft beer has exploded over the past decade, and with that came the proliferation of microbreweries. Many of these craft breweries are attractions in themselves, offering tours, beer-making lessons and world-class cuisine. But which brewery is the best? Microbrew Madness is on a mission to find out. Journey across America in this 16-part web series, hosted by 4 travel experts, each one with a unique point of view: Girls Gone Bayou star Lori Griffis; Australian pro golfer Ewan Porter; and travel adventurers Olivia Speranza and Ryan Van Duzer. Each host will give you the lowdown on not just the brews, but the whole craft brewery experience — pitting region against region and brewery against brewery — in an effort to determine which microbrewery is currently the country’s best. Once you’ve watched the web series, you tell us: Which is your favorite? Cast your vote starting Sept. 15, and the winner will be crowned at the end of Oktoberfest on Oct. 5. CraftBeer CraftBeerNotCrapBeer CraftBeerLover MNBeer Surly Furious Surly Darkness Surly Coffee Bender Surly Hells

How The Race Was Won - Vuelta 2014 - Stages 17-21 via:Cosmo Catalano on YouTube

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