Places to ride dirt bikes in Rochester MN.

Mike Dominguez does his thing in Del Mar! via: @outsidersbmx

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Training log: Morning Ride from #Strava

Ride (Rochester, MN): Distance: 21.3mi, Elevation Gain: 1138ft, Moving Time: 01:45:38, Average Speed: 12.1mi/h, Estimated Avg Power: 125.3 (no power meter)

Gamehaven MTB ride Rochester, MN

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Strava cycling training activity. SportTracks. Gunnar Soroos's Strava activities. Morning Ride, July 26, 2016 at 05:20AM. Training. #stravistix.

Needed this mind cleaning, zen ride. Nothing fast, a couple of hard efforts, but mostly just focus on the singletrack and finding good lines. #MTB #ride #trailslikethese #mnmtb #roadslikethese

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Brainerd, Minnesota Lakes Area Trail Guide Released via:Google Alert - Minnesota mountain bike

Visitors can explore scenic, low traffic bike routes, hiking trails, paved bike trails, mountain bike trails, ATV trails, ski trails, and over 1,200 miles of ...

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